Fleet Managed Services

Every year we see businesses waste thousands of dollars in operating costs related to their forklifts. This could be through overworking batteries, unnecessary breakdowns, unnecessary breakdowns, operator control and management.

Every year we see businesses waste thousands of dollars in operating costs related to their forklifts. This could be through overworking batteries, unnecessary breakdowns, operator control and management.  Our forklift fleet management systems can help you control and manage your forklift fleet with the additional benefit of minimising operating costs.

We understand that every company has specialised needs and the key to making successful decisions requires accurate and up to date information. Our forklift fleet management system can assure that you are receiving the most cost-effective, competitively priced package on an ongoing basis to help reduce your forklift operating costs and increase productivity. Our forklift management system can work with any brand of forklift, any type of forklift and any forklift location. When you pair our forklift management system with our great customer service, quality of trade, response times and competitive pricing you’ll find your forklift fleet will be less costly and more productive in next to no time.

Our forklift management system will be able to provide real-time reports and information based on the following options:

  • Operator Management
    • Operator Access Control
    • Impact Management
    • Equipment Productivity
    • Operator Productivity
  • Hours used
  • Forklift Warranty Management
  • Service Interval Management
  • Battery Monitoring Reports
    • Charge Time
    • Usage Time
    • Temperature
    • Acid Levels

What type of fleets can be managed?

There are companies that prefer to own their fleet and then there are those that prefer to rent. Then there are companies who prefer to rent certain parts of their fleet and maintain a portion of it as owned. Our fleet management services are able to cater for all three scenarios.

We can provide managment solutions, compliance and cost control measures for the servicing & maintenance of your assets. Our services can also provide asset reporting, compliance reporting, fleet telematics and a variety of other solutions to integrate or replace your existing systems to reduce operating cost and improve efficiency. We can also provide similar offerings to a completely maintained rental fleet or a combination of the two. 

Benefits of Managed Services

There key benefits to having a managed service for your forklift fleet these include

  1. Reducing operating costs
  • Help reduce your damage costs by making sure that your forklifts are only operated by properly trained and authorised drivers.
  • You decide who can use which forklifts, and you can easily update this directly from your computer.
  • Controlling access will reduce damage to your forklifts, infrastructure, equipment and most importantly, the goods you are moving. You can also monitor and record truck impacts.
  • See the 'who, what, when and where' of all forklift impacts and make informed decisions about how to reduce them.
  • Driver training can be directed to where it is most needed and 'problem' machines can be easily identified and moved to a more suitable operating environment or replaced by a more appropriate forklifts.

Together, these simple but effective controls reduce operating costs, improve knowledge and bring visibility and accountability to your operations.

2. Improving safety

  • Controlling access to forklifts and monitoring forklift impacts will also help to reduce accidents and may also improve safety in the workplace.
  • Reduce not only the financial costs - more importantly, help to eliminate the human cost of accidents.
  • Use the access control function to remotely 'lock-out' any forklifts that have a known safety problem until they are safe to operate again.

3. Increasing productivity

  • Monitoring forklifts utilisation provides an accurate picture of your activity and identifies under-utilised forklifts and bottlenecks in your operations.
  • This could result in relocating some equipment, optimising the size of your core forklift fleet and managing peaks in activity through short-term rental.
  • By constantly monitoring forklift usage and operating hours, maintenance can be accurately scheduled to prevent breakdowns, eliminate unnecessary servicing and improve forklift availability.

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