Modern Fleet Management

Modern Fleet Management

Fleet Managed Services

Every year we see businesses waste thousands of dollars in operating costs related to their forklifts.

Fleet Maintenance

A lack of regular maintenance can render a fleet inoperable thereby increasing unplanned costs and repair bills.

Fleet Rental

Some operations simply need more equipment to get the job done. Getting the right mix of equipment, attachments and solutions can make all the difference.

Fleet Software & Telematics

Our comprehensive fleet management systems provide your business with efficient three-way communication between supervisors, forklift vehicles, and drivers.

Operator & License Management

When safety & compliance are your first thoughts, we can help you manage & control your operators, their licenses and equipment access..

Real Time Location System

Based on collected data, the RTLS allows to analyze traffic and enables to identify and eradicate workflow bottlenecks, saving time and money.

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