There is only so far you can push a square peg into a round hole. There are situations where the ‘standard solution’ doesn’t fit and you need something special. Our solutions team has the knowledge and experience to get your square peg into that new ’round hole.

Custom Fork Attachments

Some products are more difficult to move than others. When you are either lifting, shifting, clamp or rotating but you need to do another function, then a custom fork attachment may be required. When you have expensive product and you need to move it correctly, having the right tools and equipment make all the difference. Our solutions team, partnered with our attachment OEM, can manufacture you a specialised solution to achieve your specific goals. If you can think it up, chances are our team of engineers can design it for you.

Custom Forklifts

With our core business being forklifts, customising and manufacturing forklift solutions is part and parcel of being a great material handling provider. We can manufacture almost anything related to forklifts from Class 1 Zone 1 compliance through to custom paint and accessories for your operators. We can do this at point of sale or we can retro fit to your existing unit or fleet. After 40 years of business there really isn't too much that we haven't already seen or done. We are always interested in new challenges and doing something a little different for our customers when the need arises.

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