Long Term

Whether you need to add to your own fleet or replace an aging fleet for your core operation. Long term rental forklifts can be the right solution for those that want to focus on their own business and not on their forklift maintenance.

Long Term Rental Benefits

Some companies prefer to own and some prefer to rent or hire. But which is better for you? Whilst we cannot answer that directly, as each situation is different for every company, there are some distinct benefits for renting equipment in particular forklifts.  Warehouses and operations try to make every cent count whilst keeping maximum productivity. With, usually, a limited budget to work with, having fully maintained forklifts removes alot of the cost and headache from the operations team. This can be scaled from a basic setup to an advanced application to improve six sigma lean production. Long term rentals can provide, at a minimum, the following benefits:

  • Access to younger machines without large initial capital outlay
  • Additional fleet during dynamic or seasonal periods
  • Balance Sheet benefits
  • Actual maintenance being completed and not delayed or put off due to 'budget' constraints
  • Fixed regular costs 
  • Variety and range of choice - single brand, best of category or hydrid fleets
  • Leverage from our experienced teams
  • Ability to trade-in existing fleet - operational or not
  • Ability to repurpose MHE management time & skills to other key areas. 



Dynamic & Seasonal Options

In the big wide world of warehousing and logistics, most companies understand that they have a minimum requirement for the fleet that they need to get them through their day to day operations. This fleet is known as the core fleet, and that particular fleet will have forklifts to do the majority of the work that is required. This could be a mix of power pallets, counter balance, high reach etc to achieve the production goals of the business. But what happens when you have seasonal demand, a project that needs to be done or an unusual requirement to complete as part of a proof of concept for your client?

We offer both dynamic and seasonal options for our clients, and this means that you don't need to add extra forklifts to your core fleet for the duration of the agreement. Instead we can 'bolt' these units onto your existing agreement for the short duration that you need them, and return them when your done prior to the main agreement. This not only reduces your fleet expenses over the long haul, but also reduces your rates on seasonal equipment for those durations - as we don't charge full retail for our dynamic fleet and long term customers who have these requirements.

Peace of Mind

When you are tasked to manage your own fleet, alot of items and tasks get missed, put off or declined due to 'budget constraints'. Our long term rental options are fully maintained, which means that all of the servicing and maintenance repair (from wear and tear) are included into the rental price. This gives you and your forklifts peace of mind that it will be running at optimal capacity all the time whilst minimising operational costs and control your budget. This allows you and your team more time to focus on the operation and movement of your product rather than worrying about non-core items such as servicing, maintenance and fleet management.

Big, Small or Tall - We've got them all

We may not have the largest fleet going around, but the fleet that we do have is one of the most varied and technologically advanced when paired with our solutions department. We confidently offer a full range of forklifts including pallet jacks, walk behinds stackers, walk behind reach, counter balance, high reach, VNA or Turret forklifts, all terrain, scissors, stock and order pickers, sweepers and scrubbers and all sorts of attachments and accessories.

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