• ECO Mode Button
  • Auto Power Off
  • IPX4 Rating
  • Pitch Control
  • Auto Torque
  • Hydraulic Interlock
  • Lifts to
    7,000 mm
    Up to
    2,500 kg

    Great for these industries

    Retail / Wholesale



    Food & Beverage



    The Nichiyu FB-80 Series electric forklift is pioneering the future of logistics with its cutting-edge ECO technology. Boasting an intelligent and sustainable energy management system, this eco-friendly electric forklift promises consistent optimal performance. It is equipped with powerful drive technology and superb hydraulics. It is not only economically efficient and reliable, but also excels in safety, stability and ergonomics. The FB-80 Series is pushing boundaries in electric forklift technology and redefining logistics excellence.

    ECO Excellence

    At the heart of the FB-80 Series forklift lies its industry-leading ECO technology that is clean and efficient. Low energy consumption combines with minimal maintenance and resilient recovery to ensure superb load handling and outstanding drive control.

    Waterproof Class IPX4

    This higher standard waterproof class – with an anti-splash feature that protects against multi-directional water sprays – provides the most robust resistance to external elements.

    The FB-80 Series electric forklift is fully loaded with innovative safety and stability applications that propels it ahead of its class. These features have been meticulously designed to raise the forklift’s level of agility and flexibility, leading to higher productivity and output.

    Features & Benefits
    • A low centre of gravity enhances traveling and turning stability, further aided by the deeper emplacement of its battery box.
    • Pitching control absorbs load vibrations, especially when travelling across bump.
    • The auto torque up function automatically ramps up the forklift’s power when it senses a situational need; for instance, whilst moving up a slope or when carrying heavy loads. Instead of letting the forklift be subjected to a normal drop of output as prompted by the situation, the auto torque up kicks in to maintain regular movement and performance as if the forklift were traveling on a flat surface.
    • The safety cruise limits speed to 1km/h (controlled roll back) and prevents sudden sliding even when the accelerator and brake pedals are released.
    • A refined, robust and maintenance-free AC motor powers the truck with formidable lifting prowess, quick responsiveness, and smooth drive performance.
    • This intelligent and sensitive feature disengages all movement if the operator is not seated in the forklift.
    • Superior multi-directional visibility ensures a clear and broad line of sight.
    • and many more


  • Rear Grip Horn (Standard)
  • Horn on Lever
  • Auto Speed Control (Cornering)
  • Large LED Display
  • Longer Operational Time
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