Fleet Software & Telematics

Fleet Software & Telematics

Having trouble keeping track of licenes, equipment usage, incidents and safety checks? This is the solution you did not know you needed.

Our comprehensive fleet management systems provide your business with efficient three-way communication between supervisors, forklift vehicles, and drivers. Users benefit from:

  • Access only for authorised drivers
  • Pre-shift checks specific to your operations
  • Fleet management reporting
  • Impact reporting

We are committed to enabling small, growing businesses to access and benefit from the same technology as larger businesses - and we have solutions for both. Forklift iQ360 is designed to support smaller businesses by ensuring the safety and compliance of their operations, improving productivity and reducing the cost of their forklift operations.

Forklift iQ360 serves as the eyes and ears of forklift operations managers, enabling them to monitor and keep track of important activities and events, for the purpose of maintaining high levels of safety, productivity and profitability.

The Fleet iQ360 telematics system was designed to optimize forklift productivity for larger-scale end users. This is a superior system for recording, compiling and presenting data that is critical to carrying out pre-operation checks, performance and utilization level analysis, and damage reports.

Real Time Location Service

A real-time location system (RTLS) grants the knowledge of the exact position of forklifts, vehicles and operators at any given time. Based on previously collected data, an RTLS allows to analyze traffic and enables to identify and eradicate workflow bottlenecks, saving time and money.

Generally, in our projects, the average precision over time is about 50 cm but can reach as little as 20cm.

  • Up to 90% of the performance is achieved by good deployment.
  • See and implement heatmaps, zones statistics, spaghetti diagrams, activity monitoring and enter/exit zones.

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Operator & License Management

Our customizable systems put businesses in total control of their fleet operations allowing them to achieve new standards of operator accountability. With our telematics systems you can make sure no one but trained operators are able access drive your forklift trucks. Both Forklift iQ360 and Fleet iQ360 allow only licensed, qualified, and trained drivers to operate the vehicles by using a PIN screen entry and RFID cards.

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Compliance & Safety

Do you know who is operating your forklifts? Our systems put safety first starting from the beginning of the first shift. With a customisable pre-shift vehicle checklist, our telematics system automates a report of completed, incomplete, or failed pre-shift check points.

They also monitor and report on operator performance. This enables management to intervene in situations where operators, vehicles or tasks are repeatedly involved in damage or safety-related incidents.

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