Fleet Rental

Some operations simply need more equipment to get the job done. Getting the right mix of equipment, attachments and solutions can make all the difference. Our fleet rental program’s can give you both a core fleet and dynamic seasonal fleet options to help keep you moving whilst minimising expense.

Peace of Mind

When you are tasked to manage your own fleet, alot of items and tasks get missed, put off or declined due to 'budget constraints'. Our rental and fleet rental options are fully maintained, which means that all of the servicing and maintenance repair (from wear and tear) are included into the rental price. This gives you and your fleet peace of mind that it will be running at optimal capacity all the time whilst minimising operational costs and control your budget. This allows you and your team more time to focus on the operation and movement of your product rather than worrying about non-core items such as servicing, maintenance and fleet management.

Balance Sheet Benefits

Accountants and finance teams are forever trying to finds ways in which to bolster their balance sheet, and what better to do that with fleet rental. Relocate what can be a large capex expense to another part of the balance sheet or remove it completely (you'll need to talk to you financial advisor as to which suits you best) with fleet rental. Accounting standards allow you to do this, so why not take full advantage!

Additionally when you trade in your existing fleet for a rental fleet, you can reuse that capital for growth within your business or put it to work in another area that needs it! This combined with an edge on inflation, are just a couple of the financial benefits available to you through fleet rental

Dynamic & Seasonal Options

In the big wide world of warehousing and logistics, most companies understand that they have a minimum requirement for the fleet that they need to get them through their day to day operations. This fleet is known as the core fleet, and that particular fleet will have forklifts to do the majority of the work that is required. This could be a mix of power pallets, counter balance, high reach etc to achieve the production goals of the business. But what happens when you have seasonal demand, a project that needs to be done or an unusual requirement to complete as part of a proof of concept for your client?

We offer both dynamic and seasonal options for our clients, and this means that you don't need to add extra forklifts to your core fleet for the duration of the agreement. Instead we can 'bolt' these units onto your existing agreement for the short duration that you need them, and return them when your done prior to the main agreement. This not only reduces your fleet expenses over the long haul, but also reduces your rates on seasonal equipment for those durations - as we don't charge full retail for our dynamic fleet and long term customers who have these requirements.

Big, Small or Tall - We've got them all

We may not have the largest fleet going around, but the fleet that we do have is one of the most varied and technologically advanced when paired with our solutions department. We confidently offer a full range of forklifts including pallet jacks, walk behinds stackers, walk behind reach, counter balance, high reach, VNA or Turret forklifts, all terrain, scissors, stock and order pickers, sweepers and scrubbers and all sorts of attachments and accessories.

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