Safety Lighting

In recent times as forklifts and warehousing becomes quieter, it becomes harder to identify forklifts & pedestrians travelling.

Forklift LED Lighting

In your warehouse, forklifts can travel down aisles or enter through doorways. How do you know when a pedestrian is about to cross the entry or a forklift about to exit/enter the path? The simple solution is to install LED lighting onto the forklift that projects either lights or images around the equipment. This is known as a 'halo' effect.

There are many types and colours of lighting available. Blue spot and red perimeter lights are the most common. The lights can be set to project up to distances of 3m or 5m.

Our service team has considerable experience with installing these on a variety of machines. Contact our service team for more information about installation costs.

Pedestrian Lighting

Pedestrian lighting has traditionally (and still does) use traffic lights as a way to manage foot traffic throughout the warehouse. More modern warehouse, with the aid of technology, are now able project images onto walls, floors, and other surfaces to control pedestrian movement. This can also be applied to equipment.


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