Conditional Registration (NSW)

Conditional Registration (NSW)

Do you need to drive your forklift somewhere other than your warehouse? Ensure that you are compliant with the law by checking if you need to have conditional registration on your forklift.

What is Conditional Registration?

Conditional registration gives you limited road access to perform specific functions with a non-standard vehicle. You cannot get conditional registration for a non-standard vehicle if a vehicle that complies Australian Design Rules, can be used instead.

Factors considered in conditional registration include:

  • any vehicle standards shortfall
  • the safety of the person operating the vehicle and any passengers
  • how the vehicle mixes with other vehicles on the road and pedestrians
  • the time of the day or night the vehicle will be operated
  • where the vehicle will be used.

Operating Conditions

Operating conditions apply to all conditionally registered vehicles. Conditions are designed to overcome vehicle deficiencies and restrict how the vehicle can be used.

If suitable operating conditions cannot be applied to overcome deficiencies the vehicle cannot be conditionally registered. Read the conditional registration vehicle sheet for your vehicle to understand the minimum mandatory conditions associated with your vehicle.

The Certificate of Approved Operations you receive for conditional registration outlines the conditions you must follow when you drive the vehicle on a road or road-related area. The certificate must always be carried in the vehicle. See the full list of condition codes and descriptions.

Road-related areas are:

  • footpaths and nature strips
  • service station driveways
  • public and private car parks and access areas
  • private roads the public drive on

Compulsory third party (CTP) insurance

Conditional registration costs include CTP insurance. However, this insurance only covers you on road and road-related areas. It does not cover you on private property.

Still Not Sure?

Sometimes conditional registration can be difficult to navigate. We can assist you throughout the process, especially if you require an equipment inspection and compliance testing.

For more information and to download the approrpriate forms visit the Service NSW website through this link.

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