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We service all major brands with units that are between small to big & tall.


A forklift (also called lift truck, jitney, fork truck, fork hoist, and forklift truck) is a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials over short distances. Forklift hydraulics are controlled either with levers directly manipulating the hydraulic valves or by electrically controlled actuators, using smaller "finger" levers for control. The latter allows forklift designers more freedom in ergonomic design.

Forklift trucks are available in many variations and load capacities. In a typical warehouse setting, most forklifts have load capacities between one and five tons. Larger machines, up to 50 tons lift capacity, are used for lifting heavier loads, including loaded shipping containers.

Our trades people are qualified & experienced in servicing this type of equipment.

Truck Mounted, Buggies & Telehandlers

In today's market the useage of truck mounted forklifts, all-terrain buggies & telehandlers are more common and readily available. They are used in more difficult and harsh applications such as construction sites, farms & agriculture, recycling plants, and other applications where access is difficult for 'standard' machinery. These pieces of equipment are used to their full purpose and as such require consistent maintenance to ensure their durability, performance and safety.

Our trades people are qualified & experienced in servicing this type of equipment.

Access Equipment

Access equipment is equipment specifically designed to allow operators to work at heights safely. Access equipment can be something as small as a ladder replacing scissor lift, all the way through to larger & telescopic booms.

Scissor Lifts

A scissor lift only extends vertically which means you have to be able to get right along side or under the work area and you don't have the ability to reach over obstacles. Scissor lifts come in various sizes and can be powered by either battery or internal combustion. They can be used indoors or some are specially designed to work outdoors.

Articulated & Telescopic Booms

Articulated booms give you the greatest flexibility when it comes to accessing a work area. This type of access platform is a series of jointed metal arms that allow you to work over & around obstacles. Similar to articulated booms, telescopic booms use straight telescopic booms instead of ariculation to achieve similar results.

Our trades people are qualified & experienced in servicing this type of equipment.

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