Managed Fleet Service

Every year we see businesses waste thousands of dollars in operating costs related to their forklifts. This could be through overworking batteries, unnecessary breakdowns, unnecessary breakdowns, operator control and management.

What type of fleets can be managed?

There are companies that prefer to own their fleet and then there are those that prefer to rent. Then there are companies who prefer to rent certain parts of their fleet and maintain a portion of it as owned. Our fleet management services are able to cater for all three scenarios.

We can provide managment solutions, compliance and cost control measures for the servicing & maintenance of your assets. Our services can also provide asset reporting, compliance reporting, fleet telematics and a variety of other solutions to integrate or replace your existing systems to reduce operating cost and improve efficiency. We can also provide similar offerings to a completely maintained rental fleet or a combination of the two. 

Equipment Maintenance

Maintaining any equipment is important. After all, you made an investment in it when you purchased it and you want to keep it running smoothly so that your production processes also keep moving. You also want it to last as long as possible to get the biggest return you can on your investment.

Proactive preventative maintenance programs (PMP) can help to extend the life of a forklift by addressing problems before they cause significant damage, and by reducing incidents through ensuring that the forklift is operating effectively. It can also improve the value of the asset at retirement.

The managed fleet service program looks after all of your material handling equipment with regular scheduled maintenance plans. This is calibrated in conjuction with your operational usage and the OEM recommendations. We provide you with the right service whereby we service your equipment at the required intervals of usage and not overservicing them due to time constraints or assumptions.

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