Forklift Safety

Forklift safety is of the upmost importance to us here at Koala Trucks. So we created this article to help you be safer.

Here are some basic tips, to ensure that you will never have an accident on your new forklift.

  • Always look around to see if anyone is close or near the forklift when you are moving your load. Almost half of all injuries cause by forklifts are too the people standing around the truck. In most cases this caused by the driver not looking out for pedestrians near by.


  • You must always supervise your staff while they use the forklifts. As even the most experienced of drivers can have accidents. It is your responsibility to take care of your employees as stated in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. You must also take the required action to train your staff to use the forklifts properly. With up to date instructions and hands on tutorials, involving them using the forklift while supervised by a qualified trainer.
  • Create a safe system for your employees to follow while doing tasks with the forklift. Ensure you consult your appropriate safety supervisor about the system to use the forklift and make sure it is appropriate and safe. We even have system here at Koala Forklifts.
  • Never let un-trained operator/employees use the forklifts or any industrial truck. As this is when most accidents happen.
  • Always get your forklift serviced, as a malfunctioning forklift is more prone to accidents.


  • Never fool around on the forklift as this very dangerous.
  • Never Speed in the forklift, as forklifts are not sport cars and cannot take corners like sport scars. 
    DON’T DO IT.
  • Never give employees lifts or rides on the front forks of a forklift, as this a recipe for disaster. Use a purpose built worker platform to hoist employees.
  • Always check your forklift before you start to use it. This should become second nature, as this can come in handy when looking for wear and tear on your forklift.
  • be careful when handling LPG. LPG is a dangerous substance when handled incorrectly may ignite. Keep naked flames away from the fuel system/lines on your forklift. This should be self explanatory.
  • Always use the correct loading limits on your forklift as overloading it may make it fall over.
  • pedestrians make sure you are always clear of the forklift while it is operational.
  • be careful when changing between natural and artificial light.
  • you should never create sudden stops in a forklift as you could loose your load or even worse overturn the forklift.

How do forklifts Fall over?

  • Driving faster than the forklifts specified speed limit. This make the fork lift vert unstable.
  • Cornering sharply around corners. Did you know that a forklift cornering sharply can overturn at only 6kph?
  • never turn your forklift on angled ground. This should be common sense.
  • moving with a load raised is extremely dangerous. Do Not Do It.
  • moving on unstable ground like sand. If you ever need to carry out work on uneven ground, make sure you have a forklift that is made for travelling on uneven ground.

What do I do when a Forklift Overturns?
Stay Put!!!

Stay inside the forklifts cabin restrained by its restraining system. 
A very common way operators die is when the operator leaves the cabin when the forklift is overturning. In most cases the operator is caught by the mast or the overhead protective shield and crushed by the forklift.