Forklift Buying Tips

What too look for when purchasing a Forklift?

Before you start you need to deter mine what exactly what you want the forklift to do. You should answer some of the questions before moving forward.

What is the weight of the load?
What is the size of the weight?
To what height the load is to be lifted?
What room will the forklift get too move around?
Will it be used inside or outside?

Forklift Capacity

It is very important for you too know, what is the weight that you want to forklift for. This will be the first step. This is the main criteria for rating forklifts. The size of the load will also affect the capacity you need. The usual size that a normal forklift can lift is a four-foot cube. So you need to look for a forklift specialist if you have a special requirement.
So you need to vary your pallets size and to meet the capacity of your forklift or else you need to but a forklift of a higher capacity for a ever changing environment.

Forklift Lift Height

Height is the other parameter that you need to look for. If you are using forklift for loading and unloading a truck then the normal forklifts are good. But if you need to raise a load to a height of 20 foot or so you need a customised forklift.
Height that you need always changes so go for the height you need now.

Size of the Forklift

Size of the forklift is another aspect you should we looking at the space that you are getting for your forklift to move around.

Forklift Tyres

Forklifts come with choices of tires the cushion tires which are used for indoor applications where as the pneumatic once are good for outdoors. Cushion tires are made up of solid rubber where as the pneumatic tires are inflated with compressed air.
Special pneumatic tires are used at the lumber yards or recycling centres. These special pneumatic tires are made up of solid rubber with rough terrain pneumatic tires.

The electric forklifts comes with cushion tires as they are used indoor where as the heavy duty gasoline and diesel trucks come with the pneumatic tires.

New Forklift Vs. Used Forklift

It depends on the usage of the forklift in your business. If you are using forklift for less than 4 hrs a day then you can buy a used forklift. But if you are going to use it more than that then it is advisable to go for a new one. As if you are using a forklift for more than 4 hrs then forklift is the important machine used in your industry.
If you are using forklift for more then 4 hrs then you should go for new as the maintenance will be less in a way it will save you money.

Also look for

  • Look for the safe attachments on your forklift. Forklift should be following according to the safety rules.
  • It should be comfortable for the user to drive. It should have a comfortable seat and easy accessible controls .
  • Forklift should be able to be modified with all the attachments for the fork so that you modify according to your changes
  • Tilting mast forward and backward helps a lot in loading and unloading the load on a uneven ground.
  • You should look for the side shift options for your fork lift as it helps to balance the load on the forklift with out moving the truck