Clamp – Bale
Pulp bale clamps are normally designed to carry 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 pulp bale units at a time. For handling of small size pulp, cotton, wool, fabrics, tobacco bales.
Clamp – Paper Roll
Forest products, and paper rolls in particular, are one of the main cargo groups requiring specialized lift truck attachments. Paper rolls are heavy, prone to damage, difficult to handle and have a considerable unit value.
Clamp – Whitegoods
The most common application fields of carton clamps are household appliances – such as washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens as well as televisions and many other non-palletised home appliance devices with or without outer packaging.
Fork positioner with side shift
The main application of the fork positioner is the handling of pallets having different dimensions. The possibility of changing the centre to centre distance, fulfils different specific needs of practically all the types of industry and this type of attachment is then getting more and more requested.
Hydraulic Reach Forks
For pallet handling in double deep racking or trucks.
Multi Pallet Handlers
Multiple Pallet Handler are being used in all industries characterized by heavy handling of palletized loads and in particular in soft drink industries, breweries, mineral water bottling plants, brick industries.
The rotator is suitable for all applications where the working cycles require load rotation or emptying of containers, such as in metallurgical, chemical, automotive, recycling, waste disposal and in food processing operations.
Specialised & Custom
Do you have something a little special to lift? We can provide a customised or specialised attachment.