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About us

Koala Forklifts


Starting humbly in 1981 as Koala Trucks (Forklift Wholesalers), when it was a time when the forklift industry was small and information was scarce. Koala Trucks (Forklift Wholesalers) quickly established itself as a well renowned provider of quality used forklifts for small to medium businesses. Fast forward to September 2018 when Koala Trucks (Forklift Wholesalers) relocated not changed its location but its branding and positioning. Koala Trucks (Forklift Wholesalers) evolved to Koala Forklifts, evolving not only its name but also the products, services and solutions it provides to its customers.

Koala Forklifts has grown to become not ‘just another forklift company’, but a MHE solution provider with its own solutions arm to help its customers with all of their needs with handling and moving materials. Whilst our core business is forklifts, our people take a holistic look at your business and provide an extra set of hands to help you grow and become better.

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Why Koala Forklifts?

With over 30 years experience in the materials handling industry, you can wholeheartedly trust Koala Forklifts with all your forklift and material handling needs. We specialise in all areas of forklift machinery, whether you want to buy, hire, repair, service or just need some spare parts, we’ve got you covered. 

With our new solutions department, we can now offer you more than just forklifts. Our large range of warehouse storage, services and safety solutions to help with your warehousing requirements, aim at making your operation more efficient and staff safer than ever. 

Our care for the


The forklift industry is very similar to the automotive industry with its use of fossil fuels & sources such as LPG, petroleum, Lead Acid, and diesel. Our aim is to transition these traditional forklifts into cleaner, greener and more sustainable power sources. Our goal is to build and engage sustainable processes, supply chains, and products with minimal impact to the environment. 

As Australians we know all too well the impact the environment has upon us and us upon it and without it Australia would not be what it is. Our long term approach to this began a couple of years ago when we started sourcing the first large lithium batteries to be used in forklifts and material handling equipment. 

Our product range now reflects a larger offering of forklifts and equipment built by the factory with integrated lithium-ion systems reducing the requirement for toxic materials such as lead-acid and lessening the impact on the environment. 

Where we can, we choose our suppliers, with a preference to those that are also like-minded in terms of environmentally responsible. An example of this is our oils & lubricant supplier, Penrite Oil, who is not only Australian owned & made but you can view their environmental statement here.

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