Walk Behind Forklift

Koala Trucks Forklift Wholesalers carries a range of walk behind forklifts in Sydney perfect for workspaces with limited space in terms of both height and floor area. Also known as pedestrian forklifts, the walk behind units (or walkies) deliver the reliability and performance of regular forklifts, but without the large floor area required for manoeuvring.

There are a number of reasons Koala Trucks Forklift Wholesalers remains one of the most trusted forklift suppliers in Sydney. Just like the brands we partner with, we are committed to providing quality products you can always depend on.

When it comes to walk behind forklifts in Sydney, we offer some of the most reliable units for light, medium, to heavy duty handling applications. These vehicles are smaller than regular forklifts, and require a smaller battery. These are ideal for use inside trucks and in very small production, inventory, or staging areas. With three main types, you can easily find one that’s right for your needs.

Walkie Stacker

Walkie stackers are available in two varieties: manual push and power drive. Both types typically come with power lift with an up and down motion range. With their compact design, these walkies are usually used for lifting light loads to limited heights. We recommend this type for working on smooth, level surfaces.

Walkie Reach

This type can lift heavier loads than the walkie stacker. It does the lifting using a pentagraph (scissor movement) reach and tilt, or with side shift in some models. Specialised attachments (such as rotators and clamps) can be used for special functions.

Capacities range from 1500kg up to 2000kg.

Walkie Counterbalance

This type of walk behind forklift uses counterbalance weight to distribute loads evenly, making them ideal for use in narrower aisles as these do now have the more commonly used straddling legs in front. It also comes with power drive, and lift and tilt functions.

Whenever you need walk behind forklifts in Sydney, we’re the place to call. We offer new and used walkies at great prices. Our refurbished units come with a 12-month New Truck Warranty to ensure you get only the most reliable products that will get the job done each time.

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