Lithium Powered

Lead acid batteries have been getting around since 1859. Considering how rapidly technology advances nowadays, that is one outdated contraption. Li-ion, on the other hand, is the latest battery-powering development, energising not only forklifts but cars, houses, buildings and multiple other enterprises around the world.

Apart from being old 'technology', lead acid batteries are filled, as the name suggests, with acid. This exposes the operator to all sorts of potential hazards including splashes, burns, eye injuries and poison inhalation. It requires a well ventilated area and the proper precautions taken such as gloves, glasses, eye wash bays, acid-proof paint on the floors and all sorts of other preventative measures in place. In a sentence so efficient it perfectly encapsulated the simplicity of a li-ion powered machine, 

With this new technology available there is no need for workers to be exposed to the risks of lead acid batteries. No acid means no acid spills or bubbled over corrosion. Not only is this safer for workers, it eliminates the need for costly safety measures. Workplaces can be free from the need for:

  • battery changers;
  • shift battery management systems;
  • single point watering systems;
  • eye wash systems;
  • acid resistant eye-wear and gloves.

Reducing the risk for workers and offering a safer work environment also means fewer WorkCover claims, in turn making lower WorkCover premiums and happier employees. Although lithium-ion batteries come at a higher initial cost than traditional lead acid batteries, they last up to five times longer and, as the above benefits continue to intersect with each other and promote further benefits, the ROI grows exponentially too.

Noblelift offers a range of pedestrian operated equipment including walk-behind pallet movers and stackers. In place of the old lead acid batteries, they are all fitted with advanced lithium ion battery packs which come with a three-year, full-replacement warranty.