Mitsubishi FG25N

  • Nissan Engine
  • Ergonomic Controls
  • Integrated Presence System
  • Power Mode
  • Lifts to
    6,500 mm
    Up to
    2,500 kg

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    Developed to help your operator achieve maximum productivity, GRENDIA sets the highest of standards for IC engine counterbalance forklifts. No other forklift includes so many advanced features in its standard specification. That’s why GRENDIA is such unbeatable value for money. What’s more, its durable components, low-maintenance design and fuel economy will continue to keep down the cost of forklift ownership, year after year. The name GRENDIA means ‘Green Diamond’: green for environmental protection; diamond for high quality, reliability and sound investments. Fast, stable and exceptionally powerful, GRENDIA forklifts offer a potent combination of high efficiency, low emissions and very low noise levels. To that, Mitsubishi has added a host of ergonomic features to maximise comfort, control and precision. The result is a forklift that can be relied upon to deliver top performance, whatever the application, whatever the conditions. INTEGRATED PRESENCE SYSTEM- “IPS” Grendia is fitted with Mitsubishi’s IPS, an integrated active safety system designed to improve vehicle safety by actively detecting problems before they become accidents. It not only ensures safety during vehicle operation but also prevents errors when the operator is not seated, protecting both the operator and the workplace from potential accidents. NEW-INTEGRATED DIGITAL MONITORS In the cab, digital displays are used to provide easier monitoring of systems and controls. The digital panel illuminates when the ignition is switched on allowing speed, load weight and system monitors to be checked at a glance. Mitsubishi Grendia forklifts are equipped with mast and travel interlock protection device that is linked to the operator’s seat. If the operator is not seated, the mast and (for torque- converter models) the movement of the vehicle itself, is automatically locked in order to prevent injury or damage to property. * Note that brakes are not applied in travel interlocking, so forklifts can still move on slopes due to gravity. POWER/ SOFT MODE SWITCH Depending on the task, two power levels can be selected: POWER mode, which maximises power output and SOFT mode for fuel efficiency and low noise levels. Selecting SOFT mode cuts CO₂ emissions by approximately 13% compared to the POWER mode.
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  • Attachment Compatible
  • Different Tyre Options Available
  • Versatile Machinery
  • Emergency Stop Mechanism
  • Different Cab Options Available
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