Manitou Mi 25 G

  • Nissan Engine
  • Ergonomic Controls
  • Better Visibility
  • Better Operator Comfort
  • Lifts to
    6,500 mm
    Up to
    2,500 kg

    Great for these industries

    Retail / Wholesale

    Information Technology



    Food & Beverage



    Manitou Industry (MI) masted forklift trucks
    Perfectly representing Manitou’s involvement in industrial markets, the MI trucks have been designed around user expectations such as simplicity, comfort, reliability, and efficiency, all at the lowest operational cost.

    Strong Machines
    Our trucks are equipped with monobloc chassis, and have strengthened masts and axles. The Okamura transmission (small and medium tonnage units) optimizes the efficiency of the various engines. The Powershift transmission in the MI large tonnage units has been developed specifically for heavy duty applications. The machines are fitted as standard with an air filter consisting of a primary filter and a security cartridge and are designed to resist corrosion and vibration. That means increased longevity and filtering capacity. For the toughest applications, a self-cleaning cyclonic pre-filter is available

    High Performance Engine
    Manitou has chosen Yanmar Premium Diesel and Nissan LPG engines for its MI 1.5 to 3.5 ton trucks. The engines which equip the MI heavy tonnage range have been chosen and adapted by Manitou to meet the high performance levels expected both in terms of power and environmental constraints, as well as the various standards in force (sound level, pollution etc.).
    The combination of a powerful and clean engine (which meets stage IIIb/tier IV final international standards) and recyclable materials helps reduce the impact your machine has on the environment throughout its service life.

    Mast Types
    To meet your height requirements, the MI range offers a number of mast options:

    Duplex: Two mast sections one fixed, one sliding. The sliding section is activated when the operator uses the hydraulic lever.

    Free lift duplex: : The central cylinder gives the operator greater free lift without having to raise the mast.

    Triplex free lift: : The central cylinder gives the operator greater free lift without having to raise the mast. The mast consists of three sections, which allow for a low overall height while maintaining a significant working height.

    Easy-to-use and maintain machines
    Reducing machine downtime is a key factor in reducing costs, and the MI range meets this requirement with its ease of maintenance. Simplicity of design (a limited number of electronic parts) helps keep maintenance costs down. Easy access to components under the engine hood. The main electronic components are positioned in sealed casings protected from dust and moisture.

    Easy Access
    Across our whole product range, one of Manitou’s concerns is the safety and comfort of the user during the often repetitive activities of getting in and out of the driver’s cab. Regardless of body shape, users can easily access the driver’s cab from both sides thanks to:
    • the fixed handles on the front left side of the overhead guard,
    • the wide anti-slip steps located on both sides,
    • the large open space on the platform

    User Comfort
    The spacious and comfortable driver’s cab provides the operator with outstanding driving comfort, making work less tiring and improving productivity.
    • Adjustable suspension seat,
    • Safety belt (standard),
    • Adjustable steering column,
    • Vibration absorption systems,
    • Systems enabling the smooth lowering of the forks at the end, and reducing jolting and noise when deploying the mast,
    • Different types of cab and a wide of options available.


  • Attachment Compatible
  • Different Tyre Options Available
  • Versatile Machinery
  • Emergency Stop Mechanism
  • Different Cab Options Available
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