• SICOS-AC Multifunctional Control System
  • Auto Power Off
  • IPX4 Rating
  • Pitch Control
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Hydraulic Interlock
  • Lifts to
    7,000 mm
    Up to
    1,600 kg

    Great for these industries

    Retail / Wholesale

    Information Technology



    Food & Beverage




    The FBT Series electric forklift trucks have a surprisingly small turning radius, which allows them to fit into tight turns in very narrow aisles. The three-point configuration allows easy handling in confined spaces that conventional trucks cannot reach. The FBT series successfully combine the advantages of a powerful counterbalance loader and a compact stacker.

    Waterproof class IPX4 allows you to work outdoors in bad weather and allows for mechanical cleaning. The FBT series loader has an IPX4 electrical safety rating, which allows it to operate without problems in the rain in moderate winds (when the angle of the raindrops is 60 °). The controller, transformer and electric motors are located inside the loader in such a way as to exclude the possibility of moisture penetration into them.

    Attractively small turning radius FBT have an attractively small turning radius of just 1,500 mm, which makes it easy to operate the loader in tight spaces. The required width between the racks is 3260 mm (for the FBT15 model when working with a pallet of 1100×1100 mm and a stock of 200 mm).

    Wheel synchronization function, allows you to make sharp turns in tight spaces. As soon as the rear wheel turns to its limit, the corresponding front wheel begins to rotate in the opposite direction to provide a turn with a minimum radius. Widely spaced twin rear wheels provide excellent stability when cornering and lifting loads to great heights.

    Excellent overview

    The FBT series forklift is designed to provide the driver with maximum visibility, both when moving forward and when lifting the load up.

    Fork “soft landing” function protects the floor and preserves loads. The forklift comes standard with a soft-landing mast to cushion the impact when the forks are lowered to the ground. Forklifts with duplex and triplex masts are additionally equipped with the function of elimination of shocks during lifting, which occur at the connection points of the mast.

    Presence system and “safe neutral” prevent accidents The Driver Presence System automatically disengages the transmission when the operator leaves his seat for more than 2 seconds.

    The Safe Neutral function eliminates the possibility of sudden loader movement when the central switch key is turned while the accelerator pedal is depressed or the hydraulic lever is operated. A warning appears on the display and a signal sounds.

    Multifunctional display allows you to see the condition of the machine at a glance. The display screen in real time displays information about the speed of movement, the degree of battery charge, the duration of work at the current time.

    Self-diagnosis function

    NICHIYU forklifts are equipped with the latest self-diagnosis system, which quickly determines the cause of the malfunction. In the event of a problem, a message appears on the display informing the driver of what has happened. For ease of maintenance, the fault is recorded in the SICOS memory.

    Intelligent SICOS system allows you to customize the truck for your specific conditions. The SICOS (Super Intelligent Control System), developed by NICHIYU, combines the operation of the travel mechanisms, hydraulics and electric power steering and allows them to be configured according to the requirements of a particular enterprise.

    SICOS also includes a self-diagnosis system that will display a message about the cause of the malfunction, if a malfunction occurs.

    Wide range of options:

    – laser level indicator forks; – a battery with a higher capacity; – touch control system; – AOS semi-automatic storage system; – protective roof and windshield; – compartment for small appliances; – cold-resistant version (up to -55 ° С); – attachments.


  • Rear Grip Horn (Standard)
  • Horn on Lever
  • Auto Speed Control (Cornering)
  • Soft Landing Forks
  • Operational Interlock
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