Il Mercante

Il Mercante

Il Mercante are merchants of fine wine and food service distributors and need help with their racking & forklift to improve their warehouse.

Founded in 2013 with the aim of supplying Australian restaurants with the best selection of wines, in 2020 Il Mercante has opened to the public and now delivers nationwide. To help with this expansion, more warehouse space was required from their Greenacre, NSW warehouse. Once our head of solutions inspected the warehouse, and working with the owner, a plan and solution was quickly formulated to improve both space and functionality of the warehouse.

The existing warehouse racking layout was purposed for use with a large LPG counterbalance forklift, and in a smaller warehouse this can be prohibiting. After a quick consultation with our equipment team, a smaller, electric forklift was selected to complete the task at hand. Enter the New Big Joe L15. A small 4-wheel counterbalance electric forklift with the latest lithium-ion battery technology. The added benefit for Il Mercante was the onboard 240v charger. This means that there is less space required for the charger, giving more space for the product!

The small footprint and turning circle of the Big Joe L15 allowed our solutions team to erect additional racking within the warehouse increasing the pallet bay capacity. The team at Il Mercante achieved their pallet space goals, ready for their online delivery service and are making their warehouse greener with the new lithium ion technology from Big Joe!


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